Postpartum Herbal Bath Tea

  • Postpartum Herbal Bath Tea
  • Postpartum Herbal Bath Tea

Amazing healing herbs great for pain and to help prevent infections. Great for postpartum and There are many ways to use this.
You can add it to your bath and soak link my normal bath teas. You can seep it and add the water to a squirt bottle (the hospital normal provides one when you leave) and spray it on area that needs healing.
Some doctors recommended not taking baths so you could also do a quick soak, shallow water with the bath tea and just sit in it for 5-10 minutes.
After using the sachet you could also place the sachet directly on the area needing healing for about 5 minutes. Not recommend to do this method if it came in contact with soap.

Lavender, lemon balm, calendula, chamomile, oats and rose. 🥰